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Famous Last Words!

Telling the extraordinary stories of all Australians

Tell Your Story In Your Words

First a bit about Famous Last Words…

My name is Dawn Louise and I am a writer and celebrant.

For the past 10 years I have been writing eulogies or life stories about people who have passed away.

More often than not, a relative or friend is given the onerous task of relaying to me the story of the life of their loved one – and I write that story based on what they tell me.

Often there are big gaps in the persons life – because the story is being remembered and told by someone else, and there is often much agonising over what to leave in and what to take out – because this isn’t really your story – its the recollections of someone else of the events of your life.

I started Famous Last Words to give the LIVING an opportunity to tell their life story, in their own words.

You can decide what is important to say to the people that you loved and that loved you.

You can talk about the events that shaped your life and your hopes for the future generations of your families.

You can tell your family and friends what you learned about life and why you took the paths and made the choices that you did.

And most importantly the story that you decide to tell will be yours, and yours alone.

How Does It All Work?

Firstly you have to make an appointment. We have writers in capital cities and regional areas and they are available during business hours, after hours and on weekends.

On arrival at your appointment you will be greeted by your FLW writer…. and then we get to work .

You will be doing a lot of talking and your writer will be doing a lot of listening and writing.

The writer will have some questions for you, but its not an exam, more like a conversation and you can expect to be talking for about an hour. Towards the end of the appointment your writer will take a short video of your “Famous Last Words” so on appointment day dress how you want to be remembered.

This is a message for your friends and family that we will look after until you kick the bucket ….. we will discuss at the appointment what you would like us to do with this video. Sometimes its played at your funeral after the slideshow of your life in pictures. Sometimes its privately viewed by your family and a few select people. Sometimes people opt out of the video and take their famous last words with them.

After your appointment your writer will do what they do best (write) and within 14 days your Folio will be ready and inside will be your printed and bound copy of the story of your life.

The folio will also store any other important artefacts like wills or insurance documents and Its your job to let your family know where these are kept, then when you do pop your clogs, and lets face it none of us are getting out of here alive, everything they need is in the one place.

Everyone Has A Story

Even if you think yours isn’t all that exciting, the future generations of your family will have a record of your life and the important events in it.

Don’t let someone else decide what those things are.

Let us help you tell your story.

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