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Famous Last Words!

Telling the extraordinary stories of all Australians

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the appointment take?
Normally about an hour – some more – some less.
What happens at the appointment?
One of our team will talk to you about your life story. You get to choose what you leave in and what you leave out. Its not like an interview, more like a casual conversation. Don’t worry – there’s no right or wrong answers.
How can I best prepare?
It’s best if you don’t….your life story is so much more than a series of dates and times – but if dates and times are important to you jot them down and bring them along.

The most important thing you can do to prepare is to think about your “Famous Last Words”  – normally a paragraph or 2  that is a message for your family and friends.

What do I wear?
Dress how you want to be remembered. If that’s a uniform, thongs and a singlet, or a ballgown that’s ok.  Be you.
How much does it cost?


You pay that in two instalments  $500 when you make the appointment and the other $495 on the day.

What do I get for my money?
You get to tell your story to a professional writer….  from your earliest childhood memories to now – including significant life events, what you have learned along the way and what you would like to be remembered for – including your “Famous Last Words”

Your story will then be transcribed and edited, and 14 days later  presented to you in a Folio. In the folio you can store other valuable documents like wills, funeral pre arrangements or insurance policies etc.

Why should I tell my story now instead of leaving it up to family to tell it after I die?
Many reasons – but heres the important ones.

Firstly, because its the truth. Its your story to tell, not someone else recollection of your life.

Secondly – because when someone else is given the task of telling your story they agonise over what to leave in and what to take out. Does it matter if you were academic or sporty? Does it matter if you broke your nose playing footy when you were 11?

Thirdly its a very difficult and emotional time for your family and friends – and writing your story takes the burden from them.

They open the folio and everything they need is in there. That’s the story of your life. There’s no  question about what you would or wouldn’t like to have said. It’s all right there.

Any other questions?  Drop us a line at